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Life with Multiple Sclerosis, Narcolepsy and a busy family.


We are a real life couple living with a large and busy family.  

Brad has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Narcolepsy for over ten years. Robynn has seen it all, through our marriage of almost 20 years. 

Impacts from living with chronic illness are far reaching. All family members are along for the wild ride. The fabric of life is woven with our triumphs over challenges. 

Our home of the Web, SleepingWithMS.Com and our writings at Everyday Health, are dedicated to all those impacted by chronic illness.  

Our mission is to provide real life views, important health news and helpful resources. Chronic illness can be very stressful. We also incorporate humor to lift our spirits, in a family friendly environment.

Thank you for visiting! 

Brad and Robynn Mann